Translation Services

We provide premium English language service dedicated to providing professional services to academics, professionals, and businesses at the most reasonable cost possible.
Future Horizons Group (FH- Translation services ) provides many types of translation services. We provide translation services from/to English and Arabic. FH-Translate translates many types of materials including manuals, brochures and guides etc. in addition to website translation
Our translation services include:

A. Technical Translation and Website Arabization.
* Intellectual Property translation into different Arabic languages.

* Intellectual Property translation into different English languages.
* Translation of trademark Applications.
* Translation of copyrights.
* Translation of contracts.
* Translation of training courses.

B. Specialized Field Translation Services
* Computer, Communication and Internet.

* Environmental Issues.
* Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
* Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences and Animal Nutrition.
* Military Operation and Service Manuals.

C. Legal Field Translation Services
* Legal Reports.

* Business or Economic field translation.
* Research.
* Feasibility Studies.
* Tenders and Bids.
* Economic Surveys.

D. Commercial and Financial
* Accounting.

* Marketing.